tommy tickle shoes

Bright, cheeky, fun...and affordable. Little growing feet can breath and move freely without restriction.  They're ideal for toe gripping babies and toddlers learning to crawl, cruise or walk.  And most important, they stay on.

The perfect shoe for under two's!

Babies are born with soft bones that harden over time. Parents need to ensure their children’s feet have enough space and the appropriate support to grow naturally.

Mother Nature had it right; bare-feet are best when little feet are growing. However, that’s not always practical in today’s world. Supporting what nature intended, Tommy Tickle lets feet develop free from restriction, while protecting them in the softest, most flexible leather that moves and breathes naturally.

Customer testimonial

My grandson is now just under 2 years old and he loves his Tommy Tickles, and so do I. We found the soft sole shoes when he was around 6 months old. I highly recommend this product!

Deborah Mahre